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Kirtan (Mantra Meditation)

Kirtan or Mantra Meditation is a live musical meditation experience. Known traditionally as kirtan, this is a collective call and response that incorporates mantras, our voices, and a variety of instruments.
Kirtan & Dinner
Experiment with the power of non-material sound. Our state of mind and consciousness is so easily changed by the sounds we absorb. Ordinary sound keeps us in the ordinary state of mind. Mantras are non-material sounds that give us a non-material experience, having a clarifying, calming, and uplifting effect on the mind. Surpassing the layers of physiology and psychology, enabling us to see ourselves beyond the temporary coverings of mind and body, and connecting us with the source of spiritual existence, one can experience the natural joy of the soul through sound therapy.

All are welcomed, as anyone can experience the profound happiness that comes from kirtan, regardless of musical talent. Participants can sit back and relax, or get up and dance! A delicious vegetarian meal is always served at the end of the meditation. Bring an open mind and an empty stomach!

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Kirtan Academy
Come learn the art and technique of Kirtan - an ancient practice of mantra meditation.
We will teach you how to play various traditional kirtan instruments, how to sing and lead kirtan as well as how to create an appropriate mindset and mood for the best meditation experience.

This session is complimentary. Donations are always appreciated.
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